Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Intro. Part 2

Thanks to my sister Morninglory for starting off this blog venture for me. *Revamped Niche* is a blog about *Revamped*- my clothing business of recycling old clothes into newer fashions. It also entails my own creations made of sheets, pillow cases, and material. I feel the need to use what crafty skills I may have through wonderful inspiration from my sister and my mother. They are always making something. With this being the age of "Going Green" and "Eco-Conscious", even though I am so sick of hearing about that band wagon, I want this to be another outlet for those who choose to conserve and re-use. For the thrifty and spend-savvy in myself and others, this will give ideas to revamp wardrobes. Enjoy! 'Til next time :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008


hi, i'm starshine's sister and she wanted me to put in an intro. starshine's business idea starts with taking items, outdated, ill-fitting, etc. from someone's wardrobe and revamping them into new, fun pieces of clothing. that's all i have for now.